Oproep TIFI ivm kinderfocussen

We really hope that you are healthy and well and that you’re able to explore ways to carry on with your Children’s Focusing work in person, or online.

As you may know, a few years ago, the three of us – Laura Bavalics, Joke van Hoeck and René Veugelers – became the ‘temporary’  members of the Children’s Focusing Advisory Group.

We have regular contact with The International Focusing Institute and think together with Catherine about issues regarding Children’s Focusing.

We worked on the website, organized events, and hosted conversations within the Children’s Focusing community, more recently we helped to launch the Children & Focusing Round Tables.

As a new development TIFI has the plan to organize the next online International Children & Focusing Conference in collaboration with us.

*”It Takes a Village…” *
*Creating connections*
*Online International Children & Focusing Conference*
*2022. March Friday 25th – Saturday 26th – Sunday 27th.*

*Call for proposals*

We are delighted to extend an invitation to submit a proposal to run a live presentation or workshop at the upcoming online International Children & Focusing Conference.

Our goal is to highlight the diversity and creativity in our Children’s Focusing Community, by exploring the many ways we can support children and each other through Focusing and connections.

You can apply to teach a two-hour workshop or host a one-hour presentation.

We welcome proposals that are either lecture-oriented or more experiential or which combine the two. Please organize the time that works best for your teaching style.

The schedule’s timetable is from 9 am till 10 pm CET, so participants from many different countries (from different time zones) could be involved and be able to attend.

*What we need if you are interested:*

A title and 100-word statement describing the presentation/ workshop.
Two or three points state what people will be learning in the workshop
(“the takeaways”).
Two-sentence bio and photo.

Please send this to; children&focusing@focusing.org

We have a limited number of spaces available. Please understand that wemight not be able to accommodate all proposals.

All the best The Children’s Focusing  Advisory Group

Laura, Joke and Rene